Guidance: how to conform with policy

Guidance on how to conform with information protection policies.

Guidance on how to conform with information protection policies.

As a member of the University, you are expected to understand your responsibilities for protecting information.

All staff and students at the University are expected to comply with the Computing Acceptable Use Policy, Information Security Policy and Data Protection Policy, which you can find at the following:

This section provides guidance on how to conform with these poilicies to protect the University's data.

For a broader view of Information Security guidance and good habits, go to How to Protect.

Where possible, always use University Services and hardware to process University data.

Where possible, University data should be stored securely and backed up to avoid loss. Devices no longer in use should be properly sanitised.

Advice for when you use University information outside your office, at home, while travelling or when going to different countries.

Assets for protecting research data and guidance for open research.

Guidance when using a "bring-your-own-device" at work, or when you manage the configuration of a computer yourself.

Cloud services are flexible, available almost anywhere and scale easily. They are not without risk.

Ensure you connect securely when accessing University data.

Social Media can be a valuable tool for University work, but also poses risks.

A privileged account is an account, which - if compromised would allow an attacker to damage or disrupt a University service, change, delete or manipulate data or otherwise cause material damage to the reputation or running of the University through costly downtime and recovery actions. Privilege accounts need to be managed more carefully than ‘normal’ user accounts.

Brief advice and links for configuring firewall solutions