Contacting the Information Security Team, or reporting a security incident

Contact details for the Information Security team and who to contact in the event of a breach.

If you have a general security query, are looking for advice with procurement, or want to get in touch about some work you are doing for the University, please email our team:


Reporting a suspicious email, or an information security breach

If you receive a suspicious email at work that encourages you to click a link or open an attachment, you can report it with the following process:

  1. On the email itself, next to the ‘Forward’ button, you have the option to “forward as an attachment” - click this (it may be under a "More" menu).
  2. Send this to
  3. You will receive an automated email back with guidance on what to do if you have clicked a link or opened an attachment from the suspicious email.

Doing this helps to collate any phishing items with other reports of the same attack. 

Please Note:

  • Sending the email as an attachment preserves the email headers and gives us a better chance of stopping any further attempts to spread this scam.
  • Please do not send screenshots or forwarded copies of the email, as it will not give us this data.

If you have unfortunately been the victim of an information security breach, please contact IS Helpine providing as much detail as you can: