Configuring a remote-wipe capability

Configure your device to enable you to remote wipe it, in case it is lost or stolen.

The ability to remote-wipe a device, is a good thing. It gives you the ability to choose to delete everything on a device yourself.

You may want to do this, if you discover it has been stolen, and you can prevent a thief from accessing our information. 

Using the University's Office 365 service to remote wipe

If you configure your smartphone or tablet to use University’s Office 365 for email or for your on-line calendar, you can use your web-access to Office 365, to remotely wipe the device.This protection capability is enabled automatically if you use your device to access University Office 365 service, for example your work email.

Using the phone supplier's method to remote wipe

Most suppliers of mobile phones, and some tablet devices also offer a remote-wipe service. 

You may have to configure this in advance by following the supplier's guidance, usually on their web pages. Links for Apple, Windows and Android devices are given below.

For other types of device refer to the upplier's support web pages, or do an appropriate web search.