Information Security Champions

Information page for current and prospective InfoSec Champions

What is an InfoSec Champion?

An InfoSec Champion is enthusiastic about promoting good information security practices within their local School or business unit. You do not have to be an information security expert or from a technical background to put yourself forward, as we will provide training and support - a strong interest is more important than lots of experience. The University is a large organisation with many different requirements where information security can add real value. Our InfoSec Champions will help identify and highlight issues particular to their area - or of broader impact to other areas. They will also help us promote important messages from the Information Security Team. Once experienced, they will be the local 'go to' person to help answer colleague's questions and identify when the Information Security Team need to be involved.

The Information Security Team will gather all the Champions together regularly to encourage networking and to share current trends, good practice, and to discuss any incidents. 

The role of our InfoSec Champions

  • Promote good information security practice across their local areas and the wider University
  • Be the focal point for information security in their area
  • Help distribute information security awareness material and promote on-line awareness sessions 
  • Initial point of contact for colleagues on information security issues before directing to us

How do I become an InfoSec Champion?

If you are interested in supporting the University by becoming your local Champion, please contact us at

Current InfoSec Champions

Below is a list of the current InfoSec Champions from around the University.