Uniyearbook emails targeting University of Edinburgh students

It has come to our attention through a number of student complaints that some students have received emails from a company called uniyearbook asking recipients to register for the ‘Edinburgh 2020/21 yearbook”, utilising University of Edinburgh accounts to do so.

Please be aware that uniyearbook.com is not affiliated with The University of Edinburgh in any way. They are an independent organisation selling a product through their website.

The registration page requires you to submit a significant amount of personal information. This includes your mobile number, home address, your private and university email addresses, and your bank details.

Please remain vigilant online and carefully consider who you are giving your personal information and bank details to.

More information and reporting concerns

There are risks associated with providing your personal information online and we recommend that you don’t give out your personal information unless you have initiated the contact or know and trust the company you are dealing with.

You should always consider who is collecting the information, why it’s necessary, what will be done with it and what the potential consequences are if it is misused. As a rule, you also shouldn’t click on any email links or open/download files unless you’ve requested the email and know the sender.

Check out the Information Security and Information Services web pages for more guidance about protecting yourself online.

If you have received a suspicious email, if you have any concerns about IT Security at The University of Edinburgh, please contact the Information Services Helpline at ISHelpline@ed.ac.uk or by calling 0131-651-5151.

Further advice and guidance can also be provided by staff at The University of Edinburgh Students Association Advice Place by calling 0131-374-4581 or by mail at advice@eusa.ed.ac.uk