LastPass Security Incident November/December 2022

Update January 2023: LastPass provided updated information on this incident at the end of December 2022. We are currently evaluating our position based on this update from LastPass, which can be found linked below. Currently we would advise reading the LastPass provided update below and - if you have concerns about the security level of your master password or have used it elsewhere, or about the incident in general - following the advice within.
At the end of November 2022 LastPass reported that they had become aware of a security incident. The University was made aware of the situation and is actively monitoring information from LastPass. We have not been informed of any actions required by users of LastPass at this time and are not aware of any reason to stop using the service.

The benefits of using a password manager outweigh the risk and impact of a potential breach. In conjunction with the University's security policies and guidance, it's still one of the best solutions to help you keep your passwords unique and safe, and help prevent credential theft and associated attacks.

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