When Malware Bytes

What to do when you have found, or been told, that your device or account contains malware

Despite doing everything you can to protect your devices and accounts, sometimes a hacker will manage to break in. 

In these cases, you will either be notified by the Information Services Helpline team, your local computing officer, or you may be notified on your own device by your security software.


It is always a good idea to report any malware or attack details to the IS Helpline first, as the team can investigate the incident and have the tools to take further action if necessary. 

Additionally, you may be advised to take some steps to remove the malware. These can include using an online toolkit such as MalwareBytes (this may have a free trial, or cost a subscription fee). You can see further information about this toolkit below.


You can also download and use anti-virus software auch as Sophos, to try to prevent future attacks. The link below provides more detail on this software.



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