Bytesize tips for new students

Our information security tips for newly arriving students

We at Information Security welcome you to the University. Our team provides advice on using controls to secure your information and devices. Here are our top tips for securing your academic journey: 

Choose unique passwords or passphrases, for each account.  

A simple way to pick a resilient password, is to combine three random words. 

  • Avoid reusing passwords for multiple accounts: If an attacker discovers it, they will access all other accounts with that password.  

  • LastPass for Students can help store passwords safely 

Use anti-virus

This is your best defence against malicious software - see our recommendations at Anti-virus

Avoid phishing

This is when a criminal tries to get you to download malware or click a link to steal your information: 

The university has been spoofed before – we will never email you to ask for passwords, financial information or other personal information. If you are unsure if a university email is legitimate, call the appropriate local team to check. 

  • If you are offered something for free but asked for anything in return such as bank details,  card details, address or passwords – do not click anything! 

  • If you are sent an attachment from an unknown contact or if your friend’s email looks strange, then you can scan the attachment before you open it to check for malware 

  • If you receive a phishing email, report it, and then delete it.  

Lock your devices 

We can easily lose our mobiles and devices during lectures or social occasions. If you setup a passcode or biometric lock on it, along with device tracking switched on, this can help protect and recover your device.   

Lock your devices 

Set up Find My Device for Android OS

Set up Find My Device for iOS

Configure devices:  

Keep software up to date: download regular updates available for your laptop, mobile or tablet to keep them secure.  

Configure devices 

Heed advice from Police Scotland:


We have regular awareness sessions on these subjects, and more, across the academic year. These Information Security sessions are popular with students and staff. The sessions can be booked through MyEd. 

We wish you a safe and exciting academic journey! 

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